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Stirdie is a technology company, driving the next generation of secure messaging through leading edge blockchain technology. The source of the branding comes from our desire to solve complex problems with beautiful solutions. Designed in partnership with GoLogic Group.


The Project

The main objective for Stirdie, a pioneering technology startup, was to develop and launch a brand and user interface that reflects their cutting-edge approach to secure blockchain messaging. The project aimed to establish a strong brand identity and a user-friendly interface that would appeal to tech-savvy users and underscore the company’s dedication to solving complex problems elegantly.

The Deliverables

Brand Creation: A completely new brand identity was developed, including logo, color palette, and typography, designed to convey modernity, security, and innovation — key attributes of the Stirdie brand.

User Interface Design: The UI design was crafted from the ground up to provide a clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate experience, ensuring that the complex technology behind the platform was accessible and user-friendly.

User Experience Development: Efforts were made to optimize user interactions, making it simple for users to engage with the platform’s features. This included streamlining the process of sending and receiving messages and making security features seamlessly integrated and easy to use.

The Outcome

The launch of Stirdie's branding and UX/UI has effectively positioned Stirdie as a leader in secure blockchain messaging, attracting attention from potential users and investors. The new branding and user-friendly design have enhanced user engagement and satisfaction, which has been instrumental in increasing user acquisition and retention. This successful introduction has not only validated Stirdie’s market presence but has also reinforced its reputation as an innovative force in the technology sector.

Role the credits!

Designer: Brody Page

Client: GoLogic 

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