Product Design

Meet Verifyre, the world’s first blockchain verified & audited messaging app. Connect with users and businesses with total peace of mind in a secure and verified environment. Store and share your documents without insecurity.


The Project

The idea for a blockchain-based messaging app had originated from the issue that more people than ever are being scammed through SMS and email, all because of a lack of secure authentication of the sender. After arriving at this problem statement, research was conducted on what features and solutions could be developed to meet the needs of the consumer in this area.

The main solution was to develop a consumer facing app and business facing webapp that integrate blockchain technology and robust user authentication to give privacy and a sense of security back to the consumer.

The Outcome

The outcome of this initiative was the development of a dual-platform solution: a consumer-facing app and a business-facing webapp, both integrating blockchain technology and robust user authentication. This approach effectively restored privacy and enhanced security for users, addressing the critical issue of sender authentication in digital communications.

By leveraging blockchain's transparent and immutable ledger, the platforms ensure that every message sent and received is verified, significantly reducing the risk of scams and unauthorized interactions. This innovative application of blockchain in everyday communication represents a significant step forward in protecting consumer data and trust.

Role the credits!

Designer: Brody Page

Client: GoLogic

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